Federal Manager's Daily Report

The GSA has posted 2016 data from the Federal Real Property Profile Management System, a central database of record for real property under the custody and control of executive branch agencies.

“Making data on the federal government’s real property inventory available to the public and industry stakeholders will help reduce costs, increase utilization, improve the accuracy of the federal government’s data and incentivize federal agencies to achieve great efficiency in their real property inventories,” said GSA.

GSA and individual agencies–in particular the VA–have come under scrutiny in recent years from IGs, Congress and other studies for continuing to spend money on excess property, some of it long vacant, rather than disposing of it. OMB under the Obama administration issued several directives aimed at reducing the federal footprint, policy that the Trump administration has left in place.

The information, posted under terms of the Federal Assets Sales and Transfer Act of 2016, excludes certain property for reasons such as national security. Decisions regarding which properties to exempt based on FOIA and national security determinations were made by individual agencies.

The datasets are at publicFRPPdata.realpropertyprofile.gov.