Federal Manager's Daily Report

The GSA has issued a request for information on the draft performance work statement for governmentwide entity identification and validation services, in advance of the current contract expiring next year.

“The government is exploring all viable means of continuing to meet its ongoing need for entity identification and validation services after the contract’s expiration,” GSA said in its announcement, adding that it already has revised both the Federal Acquisition Regulation and Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations to remove any proprietary references to the current provider, Dun and Bradstreet.

“GSA is seeking stakeholder feedback on the draft PWS, which will define the final requirements in a future solicitation to fill the government’s need for validation of information, assignment, and maintenance of a unique numbering system to identify specific commercial, nonprofit, or government entities,” it added.

The agency had conducted an earlier request for information from industry and other stakeholder organizations regarding the future structure of entity identification and validation services.