Federal Manager's Daily Report

The ranking Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is pressing the GSA to improve its compliance with improper payments laws in light of an IG report finding the agency had fallen short in meeting its reduction target for its space rental program.

The IG also found that the agency “failed to make fully accurate and complete reports and evaluations of improper payments” and “lacked adequate controls over reporting improper payments, which led the agency’s FY 2016 annual financial report to be published with numerous errors related to improper payments,” Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said in a letter to acting administrator Tim Horne.

GSA said in its response to the audit that it concurred and that corrective action is underway. However, McCaskill wrote that the IG has consistently found similar problems annually since 2013 and that “while I am encouraged that GSA has agreed to implement all of the inspector general’s recommendations, the agency qualified that response by noting that remedial actions ‘will be implemented as feasible.'”

She asked for an update on the status of responses to the latest report; a list of all outstanding recommendations related to improper payments going back to 2011 and a timeline for when the GSA expects to close them; what factors might make compliance not “feasible”; an explanation of how the administration’s budget proposal for the agency might affect its ability to comply; and related information.