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GSA: ID lifecycle involves creating a master record that aggregates digital attributes. Image: ilyapfoto/Shutterstock.com

The GSA has produced an “Identity Lifecycle Management Playbook” designed to help agencies “understand how to shift their focus from managing employee access based on credentials to managing the lifecycle of identities.”

“This will help agencies achieve an enterprise Identity, Credential, and Access Management system that is agile enough to support technology modernization and aligns with the Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management architecture,” an announcement said.


An identity management lifecycle, it said, features touchstones such as documenting the purpose and goals in an agency policy; designing a solution; creating a master record that aggregates digital identity attributes, entitlements, accounts, credentials, and other information; and integrating identity lifecycle management into agency enterprise services.

“The intent of implementing lifecycle management is to ensure an agency has visibility into all digital identities they control. For example: ensure only active employees can access federal resources; remove access when employees haven’t completed the required security training; ensure least privilege is enforced when accounts are created or a user changes roles; and implement fine-grained access control using attributes,” it said.

It added that while the playbook most directly impacts identity program managers, other IT program participants than such as program managers and application teams “may find value in incorporating this playbook approach in their planning as well.”

The playbook is at https://playbooks.idmanagement.gov/playbooks/ilm.

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