Federal Manager's Daily Report

The GSA has proposed to simplify its rules for agencies to dispose of what it calls excess “personal property,” which are items—as opposed to real estate—that an agency no longer needs and which can be sold, donated or exchanged for needed property.

In a June 9 Federal Register notice, the GSA said it is planning to rewrite various portions of the Federal Management Regulation under a 2017 executive order telling agencies to review their regulations for possible repeal or modification. GSA then had solicited comments from agencies and the public.


GSA said the proposed changes would remove duplication and make terminology more consistent for purposes of transfers of property among agencies; donation to state and local entities; the sale of surplus property; and disposition of property requiring special handling. The new rules also address a change in law relating donations to museums.

GSA added, though, that it could not address suggestions it received on topics such as how agencies assess property to determine whether it is excess.

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