Federal Manager's Daily Report

GSA is soliciting comments on several sets of government-wide policies under review due to the administration’s regulatory review executive order–the Federal Management Regulation, the Federal Property Management Regulation, leasing acquisition regulations, the Federal Travel Regulation, and the Federal Travel Regulation System, along with less formal guidance.

“GSA is seeking input on acquisition regulations, policies, standards, business practices and guidance issued by GSA across all of its acquisition, disposal, and sales programs, that may be appropriate for repeal, replacement, or modification,” it said.

GSA also is seeking input on guidance such as handbooks and manuals “that have not been codified through regulation, but may be still be appropriate for repeal, replacement, or modification.”

In similar language across a set of Federal Register notices May 26, GSA said it “requests that comments be as specific as possible, include any supporting data, detailed justification for your proposal, or other information such as cost information, provide a Code of Federal Regulations or Federal Register citation when referencing a specific regulation, and provide specific suggestions regarding repeal, replacement or modification.”

Instructions are in the notices.