Federal Manager's Daily Report

GSA has said that agencies have been having success using its Data Analytics Program to “track online data and update websites in an agile way that is responsive to the needs of customers.”

In a blog post, GSA said that understanding how the 28 million people who visit government websites each day navigate those sites and use online resources is critical to improving the online customer experience as called for by that cross-agency priority goal. It said that 62 agencies currently are using the DAP program, which provides access to advanced web analytics—such as number of users, sessions, page views, average time on page, and average session duration—as well as training and professional resources, without charge.


“This data helps establish rough benchmarks such as: the number of customers viewing content, how long users spend searching for and using specific services, and how often they return to those services. Additionally, data points such as the number of sessions per user, bounce rate, average page load time, and number of pages per session can serve as a rough proxy to identify when users have had a hard time finding what they were looking for,” GSA said.

It said for example that through the program the FTC learned that many visitors were coming to its site to perform task such as filing a complaint or reporting identity theft but those tasks were not easy to find. In response, the agency revised its home page to add a “Take Action” area prominently displayed at the top of the page to enable users to quickly find the top tasks that motivated them to visit.

Further information is at analytics.usa.gov.