Federal Manager's Daily Report

GSA has said that effective November 15 it will transition the FedRelay system, which supports the ability of individuals with hearing and speech disabilities to use telephone service, to a new provider, the Telecommunications Relay Services.

“TRS will deliver expanded and improved services to individuals with hearing and speech disabilities, providing continuous access through one suite of services used by the public and the government. Federal employees will now be able to use the same services at work and at home. Citizens that rely on relay services in their day-to-day activities will also be able to use TRS to communicate with government entities,” an announcement said.


It said GSA “determined that for the majority of relay services, TRS would deliver a better solution. Additionally, TRS services are supported by the FCC-administered TRS fund instead of requiring agency funding.” Two services not offered by TRS, relay conference captioning and video remote interpreting, are available on the GSA multiple award schedule, it added.

To prepare for transition, agencies should ensure that their FedRelay accounts are current and address any outstanding invoices, it said. Transition updates will be posted gsa.gov/fedrelay.

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