Federal Manager's Daily Report

An IG report has found that GSA not in compliance with improper payments laws that require agencies to estimate, report, and reduce such payments.

While GSA complied with five of the six major requirements in a series of laws, it did not meet its improper payment reduction target for the rental of space program, a report said. That was one of four programs, along with purchase cards, Hurricane Sandy disaster relief and building operations, identified by the CFO’s office at GSA as susceptible to significant improper payments.

The IG, though, found that the CFO’s reporting and evaluation of improper payments “were not fully accurate or complete” because of shortcomings in internal controls.

The CIO had determined that the rental of space program had $3 million in improper payments and that GSA had met its reduction targets. But the IG after testing a sample of payments put the figure at $37 million, an amount that exceeds the reduction target.