Federal Manager's Daily Report

OMB has updated its guidance on acquiring identity protection services when needed, such as following a security breach that results in the loss of personally identifying information.

It notes that last year, GSA partnered with other agencies on requirements for new blanket purchase agreements “to ensure that all agencies have access to a pool of best qualified contractors capable of providing a comprehensive range of identity protection services, including credit monitoring.”

Taking advantage of those BPAs “ensures agencies can meet their needs for expeditious delivery of best-in-class solutions from pre-approved and vetted companies at competitive pricing and reduced administrative costs,” memo M-16-14 says.

The BPAs “shall be treated as a preferred source for federal agencies when agencies have a need for credit monitoring, breach response, and identity protection services. Consistent with category management principles, GSA, as the contract manager, will work with an interagency team to periodically review and refresh, as appropriate, the contract terms and requirements to ensure the BPAs continue to reflect the best identity protection practices and agencies’ needs.”

The memo further describes steps an agency should take if it has an existing vehicle that overlaps with the BPAs and is planning to exercise an option, or is planning to issue a new contract that could overlap with the BPAs.