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OMB has issued guidance to agencies on complying with President Biden’s executive order telling agencies to make federal contracting and procurement opportunities more readily available to all eligible vendors and to remove barriers faced by underserved individuals and communities.

Memo M-22-03 notes that the order set a goal of increasing to 15 percent by fiscal 2025 the percentage of contracting and procurement actions for “small disadvantaged businesses” (SDBs), which was 10.5 percent in 2020. Those include women-owned small businesses, service-disabled veteran owned small businesses, and small business contractors in HUBZones (historically underutilized business zones).


The initiative also is part of the administration’s recently released “vision document” for its President’s Management Agenda, it noted.

It tells agencies to (in its words):

*  Agree with SBA on an agency-specific SDB contracting goal for FY 2022 that will allow the federal government to cumulatively award at least 11 percent of federal contract spend to SDBs in FY 2022.

*  Review and adjust category management stewardship practices to boost contracting opportunities for SDBs and other socioeconomic small businesses.

*  Increase the number of new entrants to the federal marketplace and reverse the general decline in the small business supplier base.

*  Include the achievement of small business contracting goals as a part of the performance plans for key Senior Executive Service officials.

*  Ensure agency small business contracting offices have access to senior leadership.


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