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OMB has told agencies to report by year’s end under an August executive order directing them to review their contractors’ use of temporary foreign labor or off shoring practices, where contract work is moved from domestic to foreign performance.

Such practices “may take work away from American workers and impact national security,” memo M-21-08 says, noting that the order requires a review of fiscal 2018 and 2019 contracts to determine whether any such contractor actions are having such consequences.

“To enable a timely understanding of this impact, which may require agencies to conduct outreach with their contractors, agencies should prioritize reviewing the practices of contractors on which they rely the most. Accordingly, agencies should evaluate, at a minimum, service contracts from the 25 contractors with which they have made the most obligations during FY s 18 and 19, or such number of contractors to cover at least 10 percent of the agency’s obligations for services during this period, whichever is less, for work performed in the United States,” it says.

Where a contractor is unable to obtain the information requested from the contractor, the agency’s report required should “describe the steps the agency is taking to facilitate or encourage disclosure of that information now or in the future.”

The memo added that the order also requires each agency to review its own employment policies to assess their compliance with Citizenship Requirements for Federal Employment. “Agencies have flexibility in how such reviews are conducted,” it says.

OMB meanwhile issued memo M-21-07, on completing the transition to Internet Protocol Version 6, including that agencies should designate an agency-wide IPv6 integrated project team; issue and make available on the agency’s publicly accessible website, an agency-wide IPv6 policy; identify opportunities for IPv6 pilots and complete at least one by the end of fiscal 2021; and develop plans by that time to update all networked federal information systems  to fully enable native IPv6 operation.

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