Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has issued guidance to agencies on carrying out the cross-agency priority goal to “improve performance management and engagement,” as measured by the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey’s employee engagement index.

That index takes into account responses to five questions each regarding senior leadership, immediate supervisors and the overall work experience.


“Employee engagement is a top priority because it impacts organizational performance and retention,” said a memo. It tells agencies to identify the bottom 20 percent of the lowest level work units in each of their components; OPM offered to assist agencies in identifying those units through use of a tool developed by the NIH to analyze FEVS results. Typically those units are to have at least 30 employees to “maximize the meaningfulness of impact” but smaller units may be combined.

The selected units are to be reported to OPM along with a “brief overview of the approach” the agency will take to meet a goal of improving those scores by 20 percent from 2018 to 2020. OPM and/or OMB will request progress reports that are to include steps the agency is taking and challenges they are experiencing in meeting the goal.

Agencies also are to report on how they will communicate FEVS results “down to the lowest component level” and on their plans to “ensure that each internal level is acting upon results in an effective manner.”