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OMB has issued a series of memos including M-21-03, on complying with requirements for transparency in spending for financial assistance under several recent laws, including the pandemic relief CARES Act, which requires agencies “to develop, adopt, and implement grants data standards that enable greater transparency for federal grants spending.”

The memo requires all information in signed and legally binding grant award agreements to be made public on a USASpending.gov “to the maximum extent permitted by law” and says that OMB soon will convene a working group to recommend common data elements for notices of awards and indirect costs.


The memo also addresses issues including requirements for more fully disclosing all funding sources of an award, the recipients, and its purpose, performance measures and expected outcomes.

OMB also issued memo M-21-04, on modernizing the processes by which individuals may request access to, and consent to the disclosure of, records protected under the Privacy Act; and memo M-21-05, formally extending the data center optimization initiative through fiscal 2022.

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