Federal Manager's Daily Report

Four agencies involved in overseeing and enforcing employment

protections, including protections against bias in hiring,

have issued joint guidance on who is considered a job

applicant for those purposes.

The Labor and Justice departments and the Equal Employment

Opportunity Commission and Office of Personnel Management

said in the guidance that the growth of online job searching

and resume placing has raised questions regarding which

individuals are to be deemed formal applicants. The issue

is potentially an important one for federal managers and

human resources offices whose performance in hiring

minorities and women often is tracked statistically and is

vulnerable to formal complaints of discrimination.

According to the guidance, for someone to be considered an

“applicant” in the context of online job searching, the

employer must have acted to fill a particular position,

the individual must have followed the employer’s standard

procedures for submitting applications, and the individual

must have indicated an interest in a particular position.