Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of Government Ethics has issued guidance on the impact of the federal employee pay raise on several ethics restrictions that apply to those earning above certain thresholds. These are:

Post-employment restrictions apply to “senior” employees earning a salary equal to or greater than 86.5 percent of the rate of basic pay for level II of the Executive Schedule; that threshold is now $164,004. Those restrictions amount to a one-year bar after leaving such a position against attempting to influence a decision of their former agency.

The threshold will be $126,148 for individuals who occupy a position not under the general schedule who must public (as opposed to confidential) financial disclosure reports; that threshold is based on basic pay equal to or greater than 120 percent of the minimum rate of basic pay payable for GS-15 of the general schedule.

Outside employment and outside earned income restrictions apply to certain noncareer employees, barring them from earning in any calendar year above 15 percent of the annual rate of basic pay for level II of the Executive Schedule. That threshold is $28,050.