Federal Manager's Daily Report

The House has joined the Senate in passing S-1828, to authorize agencies to provide payments to civilian and military personnel who incur brain injuries from hostilities while on assignment.

The bill, which now goes to President Biden for signature, in particular focuses on impairments currently under investigation that are collectively known as Havana Syndrome because they were first reported by personnel stationed in Cuba. There is similar language in the annual DoD authorization bill pending in Congress.


Meanwhile, recently offered bills in the Senate, all with bipartisan support, include:

* S-2782, to require DoD, Education, Energy, HUD and Treasury to carry out certain recommendations the GAO in its reports on overlap and duplication in government programs affecting programs including foreign military sales, payments to military housing contractors, student loan defaults, costs of coin production, and others.

* S-2793, to allow agencies to lease out underutilized properties, with GSA’s approval, and to use the rent payments to help fund capital projects and facilities maintenance.

* S-S838, to require the GPO to maintain a public site with copies of all congressionally mandated reports by agencies.

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