Federal Manager's Daily Report

Newly offered House legislation (HR-5759) would further the move away from paper-based government services by requiring that any public-facing paper-based form, application or service be made available in a digital format.

It also would promote the use of electronic signatures on government forms and require that all public-facing agency websites and digital services meet requirements designed to improve online delivery of services and make information more readily accessible.

“Recent data from the IRS shows that in-person or live assistance calls to the agency cost taxpayers between $40 and $60 on average, while digital transactions cost only $0.22 on average,” a summary says.

Under the bill, agencies also would have to increase use of web and data analytics to improve their websites and respond to user needs. New sites would have to meet the standards upon launch while existing sites would have to be brought up to them within one year. Agencies further would be encouraged to make their intranets conform to the requirements.

Agency CIOs would be responsible for meeting the requirements, monitor the agency’s digital service delivery, and use “qualitative and quantitative data relating to the agency customers’ experience and satisfaction, and to identify areas where improvement is needed,” the summary says.