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Reporting directly to the secretary of defense, that position would be equivalent in stature to the chief management officer position. Image: Frontpage/Shutterstock.com

A “chief talent officer” position would be created at DoD responsible for developing and carrying out an overall talent management strategy for both civilian and military personnel under the first draft of the annual DoD authorization bill in the House.

That position would “oversee updates and reforms for remote and hybrid work, the use of enabling technology, practices for developing and tracking talent, and encouraging movement of talent across components, agencies, and non-governmental entities to help promote flexible career pathways and increase retention,” the draft Armed Services Committee bill says.

The position also would: “match talent to needs within the Department and integrate broad upskilling and reskilling programs to create the future national defense workforce”; coordinate all talent development programs; review rules, policies and guidance for needed change; and more.

Reporting directly to the secretary of defense, that position would be equivalent in stature to the chief management officer position that Congress created for the department in the comparable bill for fiscal 2017. The bill for fiscal 2021 in turn abolished that position after an internal Pentagon review concluded that it constituted an unnecessary additional management layer and encouraged ending it.

Other provisions of the bill in its early version continue several longstanding special pay authorities for employees stationed overseas in areas of military operations and extend through 2033 a special noncompetitive hiring authority into civil service positions for spouses and survivors of military personnel.

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