Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Democratic leaders of the House Oversight and Reform Committee and its government operations committee have asked the Biden administration to detail how it plans to use the $1 billion added to the government-wide Technology Modernization Fund by the recently enacted pandemic relief and economic stimulus law.

They asked OMB and GSA for information on how the administration will inform agencies of the potential availability of the money, how it will handle an expected increase in proposals from agencies, how it will prioritize allocating the funds, and more.


They also sought assurances that the administration will continue to require agencies that draw money from the fund to reimburse it from savings from upgraded IT. That requirement was not explicit in the relief law because of congressional budget rules.

A preliminary budget for the upcoming fiscal year that the administration recently released called for an additional $500 million for the fund, which is designed to provide enough resources for agencies to retire obsolete IT rather than smaller annual appropriations which commonly are sufficient only to keep those systems operating rather than replace them.

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