Federal Manager's Daily Report

The House has passed a series of bills that advanced in the prior Congress but fell short of enactment:

HR-135, to strengthen federal employees’ protections against discrimination and retaliation for whistleblowing; HR-136, to extend many standard job protections for federal employees to interns working at federal agencies; HR-150, to establish a common set of financial data standards for agencies to use in awarding and overseeing grants; HR-202, to remove restrictions on the IG’s office at the Justice Department that predate that office’s creation and that do not apply to the IGs of other agencies; and HR-247, to formally designate as the federal CIO the head of the OMB office of electronic government and require that official to submit to Congress a proposal for consolidating IT across the government and increasing the use of shared services.

Meanwhile, President Trump has signed into law two bills passed late in the prior Congress: HR-4174, to strengthen agency evaluation capacity, encourage interagency data sharing and open data efforts and improve access to data for statistical purposes; and HR-7319, provide agencies more flexibility with respect to leaseback of certain real properties.