Federal Manager's Daily Report

Among its first orders of business for the House after convening for the new Congress was passage of several government management-related bills that had made partial progress in the prior Congress:

HR-69 requires agencies to cooperate with the Office of Special Counsel; clarifies OSC investigation procedures; and requires more extensive reporting to Congress on whistleblower reprisal.

HR-70 requires agencies to list all of their federal advisory committees on the agency website; requires agency heads to solicit and consider recommendations for advisory committee members; and requires the GAO to review and report on agency compliance with law governing federal advisory committees.

HR-71 requires agencies to report detailed cost and performance information on programs to OMB for a government-wide program inventory.

HR-72 provides GAO with enhanced tools to oversee federal programs, including through bringing civil actions to require an agency to produce a record; clarifies that it has the right to access certain data; and requires agencies to report to the GAO and Congress on actions taken or planned in response to GAO recommendations.

The bills now move to the Senate.