Federal Manager's Daily Report

The House version of the DoD authorization bill (HR-2810) would extend by five years the demonstration project at the Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration.

Like other such projects, the NNSA program involves pay banding with a pay for performance element and various special authorities in hiring and other areas, while still subject to basic federal personnel laws such as the merit principles and prohibitions against discrimination.

The bill further would “enable and incentivize NNSA employees to undertake rotational assignments and ensure that employees complete certain requirements (as determined by the administrator) related to rotational assignments, professional training, and continuing education before they may be considered for appointment to senior-level positions.”

It also would require the agency to strengthen and increase the use of rotational assignments through intergovernmental personnel agreements or similar programs by NNSA employees and the employees of its contractors, and analyze and report to Congress on its staffing structure.