Federal Manager's Daily Report

The House has passed HR-1420, which would require agencies to coordinate with OMB and EPA on a strategy to purchase, maintain and use energy-efficient information technologies at their owned or operated facilities.

The strategy, which would have to be produced one year after enactment, would have to take into account advanced metering infrastructure; energy-efficient data center strategies and methods of increasing asset and infrastructure utilization; advanced power management tools; building information modeling, including building energy management; secure telework and travel substitution tools; and mechanisms to ensure that the agency realizes the energy cost savings brought about through increased efficiency and utilization. Agency CIO offices would provide input on best practices.

Agencies would be required to set performance goals and report on them annually to OMB, which would produce a government-wide scorecard type report.

The bill would put a special focus on energy efficiency of data centers. Agencies would have to consult with outside stakeholders with expertise in energy efficiency in the development and operation of such centers, set benchmarks and report on results of energy efficiency efforts.