Federal Manager's Daily Report

The House has scheduled votes this week on several bills impacting agency management practices.

HR-2846, to loosen restrictions against agencies collecting voluntary customer feedback while setting certain standards including that the feedback be anonymous, that those who decline to participate be treated no differently, that the voluntary nature of the solicitation is clear, and that the information sought must directly relate to improving customer service. OMB would develop a set of standardized questions for use by agencies in collecting feedback on service satisfaction, timeliness, and professionalism.

HR-5759, to require that any public-facing paper-based form, application or service be made available in a digital format, promote the use of electronic signatures on government forms, and require that all public-facing agency websites and digital services meet requirements designed to improve online delivery of services and make information more readily accessible.

HR-6777, to establish a central database of settlement agreements that agencies enter into, including information on the type of settlement, the specific allegations that had been the basis for the action, and the legal fees and other costs.

HR-6901, to formally designate as the federal CIO the head of the OMB office of electronic government—who has been known informally by that title for years—while elevating that position to report directly to the OMB director, require OMB to create a technology investment planning and oversight process, and require the federal CIO to submit to Congress a proposal for consolidating IT across the government and increasing the use of shared services, with a focus on small and medium agencies.