Federal Manager's Daily Report

The GSA has revamped and renamed as the Human Capital Management and Administrative Support Services Schedule 738 X its multiple award schedule for HR and EEO services, as part of the category management approach.

“These HR MAS 738 X Schedule changes will make it easier for customer agencies to identify and access human capital services solutions. By using the full spectrum of human capital professional service providers, customers will be able to award contracts and task orders more efficiently, ultimately providing greater small business opportunities for providers in their designated area of expertise,” GSA said.

The schedule, to be available by the end of the month, is to contain 10 new special item numbers defining specific HR service sub-categories.

It will complement the new Human Capital and Training Solutions acquisition vehicle by fulfilling the less complex and more routine requirements in the HR arena for uncustomized commercial services, GSA said, and will become a candidate for “best in class” designation.