Federal Manager's Daily Report

The IG community council, the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency, has presented its annual awards to:

The Justice Pre-Election Review Team “in recognition of outstanding achievements in improving the integrity of the Department of Justice.”


The HHS IG for “investigating and prosecuting two perpetrators of child sexual abuse who preyed upon children in HHS-funded programs.”

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the Treasury IG, and Homeland Security Investigations “for their efforts in combatting impersonation-related fraud schemes.”

The Department of Education, Federal Student Aid Student Loan Servicer Oversight Audit Team for making recommendations implemented by Congress to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of FSA programs.

The State Department’s Baghdad, Iraq Protective Movement Security Service Audit Team for “uncommon selflessness, dedication to duty, courage, and exemplary oversight of a critical contract providing security for U.S. personnel in Iraq and identification of more than $4.6 million in monetary benefits.”

Jonathan Schofield of AID for “a lifetime of unwavering dedication and investigative excellence in the federal oversight and accountability community.”

Ross W. Weiland of NASA for “exemplary performance at NASA OIG and remarkable collaboration in forming and serving as the first Chair of the Assistant Inspectors General for Management Committee.”

The Justice Department for revisions of the GAO/CIGIE Financial Audit Manual to ensure that it reflects current auditing standards for federal entities.