Federal Manager's Daily Report

Department of Treasury inspectors general office.

The central council of IGs has presented annual awards to several teams and individuals for notable accomplishments, including:

* An HHS team for “comprehensive and multifaceted oversight that improved safety and well being of migrant children in custody.”


* A Transportation team for “helping to restore public confidence in FAA’s ability to consistently and effectively oversee air carrier maintenance programs.”

* A VA team for “meaningful contributions to furthering Congress’s goals of protecting whistleblowers and enhancing the accountability of VA officials for misconduct and poor performance.”

* A Justice Department team for supporting pandemic response and “in recognition of their courage and sacrifice in heeding the call to service.”

Individual awards went to DoD principal deputy IG Glenn A. Fine for career achievement and Justice Department official Kelly McFadden for individual achievement.

The full list of award winners is at https://www.ignet.gov.

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IGs Watching as Employees Recalled to Regular Duty Stations

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