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An IG audit has called on a GSA region to increase its oversight of leased space, saying that in a sampling of buildings it found that the level of upkeep required in leases was not being met.

The audit focused on GSA’s Region 10, covering the Northwest and Alaska and which oversees 464 leased properties totaling more than 7 million square feet and $205.5 million in annual rent. Among their other duties, lease administration managers “are required to perform annual inspections of the leased space and verify periodic services are performed throughout the course of the lease terms,” the report said.


However, the report said that that there were no records of inspections having been performed over 2015-2017 for 37 percent of leases, including more than half in 2015. Auditors toured 32 facilities and found deficiencies in the level of services in 28.

Those included a facility where the lease required repainting every five years and carpet replacement every seven but neither had been done since the lease was issued in 2010; an office where an inspection has not been conducted since 2012 and required services had not been performed since the lease was issued in 2011; and another not inspected since 2015 that had dirty bathrooms and stained and torn carpets.

It said that management agreed with recommendations that lease administration managers conduct and document all lease inspections to ensure that lessors are complying with the terms of the lease and providing the required level of services.

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