Some IG Recommendations for EPA Left Hanging for Years

The IG’s office at the EPA has said that some recommendations it has made to management have been pending resolution years, telling a House panel that “recommendations can result in substantial cost savings and major improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of agency programs–but only when an agency chooses to implement them or if Congress chooses to take legislative action or other measures to address them.”

A witness said that as of March, the EPA had 43 open recommendations with past due completion dates. Of those, all but 10 were past due by more than one year, one of them by nine years.

Pending recommendations include some focused on potential dollar savings–such as better management of grants, trust funds, revolving funds, user fees, royalties and IT investments–some implications for security–such as assuring that contractor personnel who have significant information security responsibilities have taken required training–and some with implications for public health and safety–such as management of oil pollution, wastewater and disinfectants.

The hearing before an Energy and Commerce subcommittee was the latest in a series on Capitol Hill designed to press agencies to be more responsive to recommendations from IGs and the GAO.