Federal Manager's Daily Report

Image: CHRISTOPHER E ZIMMER/Shutterstock.com

The council of agency IGs has called new attention to the ongoing vacancies in their ranks, a long-running issue that also has drawn the interest of some members of Congress who have pushed the White House to make nominations to fill the positions.

The oversight.gov site run by the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency now contains a list of vacancies and a running tally of how long the positions have been open. The longest-running vacancy is at the Export-Import Bank, open for five and a half years, followed by the CIA, DoD and OPM.


Vacancies also exist at the TVA, Education, NRC, HHS, Treasury, the Denali Commission and the International Development Finance Corporation, the latter of which recently was stood up.

Of those, nominees have been sent to the Senate for only two, the Export-Import Bank and the NRC. Both of those nominations were made last October.