IGs Council Issues Achievement Awards

The Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency, the central IG body, has presented annual special category awards to recognize outstanding accomplishments of the inspector general community. Winners were the IG offices of:

DHS, for “disclosing USCIS’ issuance of duplicate and erroneous green cards to immigrants, which posed national security risks, denied benefits for approved applicants, and increased workload and costs for the agency.”

AID, in recognition of “extreme courage and investigative determination in furtherance of foreign assistance oversight in a war-torn region.”

The Peace Corps, for “exemplary work in supporting Congress to pass the Inspector General Empowerment Act.”

HUD, for “collaborative efforts leading to the successful launch and adoption of the CIGIE Fellowship Program and Annual Leadership Forum.”

Individual awards went to: Clara Soto of the SSA IG for “uncommon selflessness, dedication to duty, and courage while completing work on the Match of California Death Information Against Social Security Administration Records audit”; Donald M. Horstman of the DoD IG for career achievement in support of the newly formed Lead Inspector General oversight mission; and Sue Merrin of the HHS IG for leadership in creating the inspection and evaluation peer review process.

The council said that in fiscal year 2016 IGs identified potential savings of above $25 billion government-wide and were involved in thousands of criminal prosecutions and civil actions.