Federal Manager's Daily Report

President Trump has signed into law a bill (S-375) to improve efforts to identify and reduce governmentwide improper payments and consolidate prior laws and guidance into one place.

Provisions include: strengthening the definition of what is considered an improper payment; explicitly explaining all the factors agencies should consider when gauging susceptibility to improper payments; authorizing OMB to conduct pilot programs to test “potential accountability measures, incentives, and consequences for compliance and the elimination of improper payments”; broadening access by agencies to the SSA’s master file of deaths; and establishing a new working group that will enable agencies to collaborate with each other and non-federal partners such as state governments.


Trump also has signed HR-504, to require DHS to develop and update at least once every five years a strategy for DHS engagement with fusion centers, which are collaborative efforts of two or more government agencies that combine resources to combat criminal or terrorist activity.

Under the bill, the Office of Intelligence and Analysis of DHS is to provide personnel and support to those centers, publish performance metrics for DHS field personnel assigned to them, and develop and implement training for fusion center personnel.

DHS intelligence and information components are to develop policies and metrics to ensure effective use of the unclassified Homeland Security Information Network and are to assess and enhance that network.