Federal Manager's Daily Report

In the Army’s SAW program, career tracks will be created by

combining logical groupings of current occupations into


functional groupings based on the sharing of similar

functional competencies and the sharing of the same body of

knowledge or learning objectives. The tracks will be

institutional support, logistics and acquisition management,

science and engineering management, information operations

and medical support.

The goal of the tracks is to move away from “stovepiped”

career programs into in emphasis on leading multi-function

organizations. Each career track will include subtracks

whose objective is to create functional training and baseline

leadership training that will enable a SAW member to increase

the breadth of his skills, providing a diversity of

experience. The Army also hopes to move away from what it

considers inconsistent training and development and a

skills-based system to a more structured leader development

program based on Army-wide interests and a competency-based

system focusing on Army-wide goals and objectives.

The project management office, the Senior Army Workforce

Management Office, is conducting focus groups to validate

the career track plans.