Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has issued a policy building on prior guidance calling on intelligence community agencies to be model employers in hiring, placement and advancement opportunities for persons with disabilities.

“IC elements shall engage in affirmative action for the hiring, placement, and advancement of qualified individuals with disabilities, as required by the Rehabilitation Act and implementing regulations,” says the policy, dated in late February but only recently publicly released.


That is to include ensuring that: affirmative action plans apply to the broadest number of job categories; IC agencies use a variety of recruitment and outreach strategies designed to increase the number of qualified applicants with disabilities; and individuals with disabilities have access to career development opportunities including specialized training or mentoring programs to address career advancement.

Plans to retain individuals with disabilities are to include: an analysis of departing employees to identify barriers to retention; efforts to ensure that reasonable accommodations are provided; and efforts to assure that facilities comply with laws and rules governing accessibility.

Heads of IC agencies are to provide within six months an affirmative action plan for the hiring, placement, and advancement of individuals with disabilities; are to establish objectives for increasing them, communicate those objectives to managers and recruitment officials and ensure that they are trained on those issues; and review their plans annually.