Federal Manager's Daily Report

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has told intelligence community agencies to produce a plan within 90 days to improve their workplace diversity, according to an announcement from his office.

Clapper set that target at a recent conference on EEO and diversity in advance of the first public release of the intelligence community’s annual demographic report, previously classified.


Preliminary figures show that the IC workforce is about 25 percent minority compared to the rest of the federal workforce at 35 percent. In addition, only 12 percent at senior pay levels are minorities. The percentage of minorities hired into the IC increased from nearly 21 percent in FY 2011 to almost 25 percent in FY 2015, however.

“Going public with our demographics is a significant step, but by itself it’s not going to improve minority representation in the intelligence community,” Clapper said, according to the announcement. “I’ve got 240 days left in my tenure. I expect the outcome of today’s summit will include bringing something to me that I can act on, something I can take to the intelligence community component directors, something we can implement within 90 days.”

“If you need permission to think big or to think differently, I’m giving it to you right now,” Clapper said. The summit’s workshops focused on outreach and recruitment, employee resource groups, and career development and advancement, said the announcement.