Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Interior Department spends some $16.5 million each year on more than 35,000 mobile devices but does not have a complete inventory of its devices and services and did not implement a department-wide approach for procuring and managing the devices, an IG report has said.

As a result, it said, the department wastes hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on wireless service plans for unused devices—four components studied in detail together spent more than $50,000 a month on nearly 1,600 of them.

“In addition, we found that some of DOI’s mobile computing devices do not have proper security configurations, which could result in unauthorized access to government systems and data by cybercriminals,” it said.

DOI employees increasingly rely on tablet computers and smartphones to perform their jobs, but “the benefits mobile devices afford, however, can also be the greatest risk. Because they are small, hand-held, and portable, mobile devices that are not physically secured by the user are highly vulnerable to theft, loss, and damage,” it added.