Federal Manager's Daily Report

According to the Bush administration’s fiscal 2005 budget

request the government needs to strengthen IT management


and leverage the Internet to simplify and enhance service

delivery to get the most out of its barely increased IT

budget of $57.1 billion.

The budget painted a rosy picture of IT management, stating

that agencies have made significant improvements over the

past year: 61 percent of major federal agencies have secure

IT systems compared to 47 percent two years ago, and 62

percent have modernization blueprints in place ensuring

investments support agency goals and are not redundant.

But will be up to managers to achieve these kinds of

successes without additional funding over this year’s

appropriation, such as improvements in service delivery

through e-Gov initiatives. That means getting more out of

everybody and everything – personnel and resources, and

showing it.

The budget cited Grants.gov as an example for making it

easier for potential recipients to obtain information

about federal grants by creating a single site for all

federal grants, and e-Travel, a web-based travel

management system expected to save $300 million over 10