Federal Manager's Daily Report

The government has also published for comment a group of

questions and answers designed to bring employers up to

speed on just what their Internet hiring responsibilities

are in the equal employment opportunity arena. The Q&As

also apply to most large private employers.

The long and the short of it is that while the Internet

allows greater anonymity, federal agencies sometimes can’t

be sure if their screening actions are appropriate under

the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures

(UGESP). With the Internet, employers sometimes wade

through massive amounts of information, including personal

details job seekers place on their own Web sites.

It can be difficult for agencies to know when the UGESP

comes into play, according to the March 4 Federal Register


The proposed Q&As may be found at



It’s a very long, detailed read. But it also may be a good

idea to make the effort since those with job filling needs

sometimes do their own surfing. The Federal Register item

includes instructions on how to comment.