Federal Manager's Daily Report

The IRS is not making full use of the data it collects on skills levels of its employees in its IT functions, an IG report has said.

It said that the agency performs skills assessments surveys every other year based on an industry standard model, that produce data on individual’s skill level in a particular area. That data “allows managers to work with their staff to ensure that all needed skill gaps are addressed with training tailored to their positions,” it said.


However, that is not a requirement and of the 10 managers the auditors asked, only two said they track and review all skill gaps related to each staff member’s job duties.

Further, in a look at such reports on 335 individuals hired in 2020, the IG found that 281 “have deficiencies in one or more mission-critical skills for their IT organization functions,” including 82 who have deficiencies in all of skills.

“Without established procedures that require IT organization management to review skill gap reports, managers may not conduct reviews of their employees’ deficiencies . . . If the managers do not address skill gaps, their employees may not meet the job requirements or further develop the skills needed for their positions,” it said.

It said that management agreed with its recommendation to review mission-critical skill gap reports for their staff and work with their staff to address training needs.

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