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Ethics office asks agencies to remind officials that decision-making should remain free of any taint of private financial interests.

The Office of Government Ethics has written to the heads of all agencies telling that ethical behavior is key to maintaining the needed trust of federal employees and the public as the nation continues to the next phases of response to the Coronavirus.

“To defeat this virus and re-open America will require decisive government action,” it said. “It will also require the trust of the American people as significant decisions are made. Our ethical leadership is essential to promoting and maintaining that trust.


“As the public servants you lead work tirelessly to combat the virus, protect the health and safety of the public, blunt the economic effects, and carry out their mission-critical work, they also look to us for ethical leadership,” the letter said.

It asked agencies to “take affirmative steps to remind your agency’s officials and employees of the importance of ethics in government,” ensure that decisions comply with ethics laws and rules, and “take actions that reassure the American people that our government’s response continues to be driven with integrity, for the public good, and that decision-making remains free of any taint of private financial interests.”

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