Federal Manager's Daily Report

Image: LiamGray/Shutterstock.com

Due to the spike in Coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths recently, some state and local governments have reimposed, or are considering reimposing, stay-in-place and other travel restrictions of the sort that were widely used during the initial surge in the spring, raising questions regarding the impact of such orders on federal employees on official duty.

There has been no change in guidance originally issued at the time (on opm.gov/coronavirus) saying that such restrictions do not “restrict the ability of federal employees from any travel necessary to perform official functions deemed essential by their employers.”


A Justice Department memo (at https://www.justice.gov/file/1262766/download) meanwhile said that “If encountered by local law enforcement during such travel, federal employees should identify themselves, using their Personal Identity Verification or “PIV” cards, and explain the nature of their work and travel. These cards include a photograph of the employee and list the federal agency for whom the employee works.”

The OPM guidance adds that employees should “report to appropriate supervisors if there has been a travel issue with local law enforcement.”

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