Federal Manager's Daily Report

Recent changes to a section of OMB Circular A-11 to turn it into the Federal Performance Framework for Improving Program and Service Delivery “is in part a response to and recognition of the increasingly technical management challenges of effectively and efficiently managing organizations as large and complex as federal agencies,” according to a posting on performance.gov.

While that circular in general addresses budget-related issues, that section “communicates the various management policies and procedures for improving program and service delivery while also providing detailed implementation instructions on how management concepts or requirements enacted in legislative statute should be put into practice and applied at the agency,” it said.


The latest changes “strengthen the management processes that decision-makers have at their disposal” while aligning the section more closely with the President’s Management Agenda, it said. It noted that the section was revised in 2016 to integrate enterprise risk management and was further revised in 2018 to establish strategies to improve program and project management skillsets and expertise government-wide, in addition to procedures to better manage customer experience and improve service delivery.

It summarized the key changes as (in the words of the posting):

“Making agency performance plans more accessible. Agencies must make annual performance plans publicly available by sharing APG and CAP goals on Performance.gov. The update added that all federal agencies must provide a URL to Performance.gov on their website for easier accessibility. Section 210 also updates guidance for implementing the Federal Program Inventory and its associated reporting requirements, importantly leveraging existing reporting of program activity required by the DATA Act to meet an intent of the program inventory envisioned in the GPRA Modernization Act.”

“Incorporating the PMA and priority area guidance. This reorganized section discusses the relationship of the President’s Management Agenda to the GPRA Modernization Act while consolidating guidance in PMA-specific priority areas. Specifically, it centralizes and incorporates guidance in the priority areas of category management, sharing quality services, and shifting from low-value to high-value work.”

“Providing federal managers with more evaluation tools. This section integrates parts of the Foundations of Evidence- Based Policy Making Act of 2018 into the Federal Performance Framework. This provides federal managers with more tools to build a stronger evidence base for evaluating agency and program outcomes.”