Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Volcker Alliance, a good-government group, will hold a kick-off session March 20 in Washington, D.C. for its Government-to-University Initiative aimed at creating partnerships to address high need areas for the government, including in the areas of recruiting.

The session follows a series of exploratory meetings in four cities with students, professors, career services leaders, and other university officials as well as government officials from the federal and lower levels.


“We learned there is an enormous appetite to advance effectiveness in governance by building government-university networks at a regional level,” says an announcement on the Volcker Alliance site. “Participants in every site emphatically endorsed the value of routine, structured regional collaboration between local, state, and federal government practitioners with universities’ leadership, faculties, and students. Public sector workforce recruitment and the alignment of research priorities rose to the top as the most productive topics for a regional group to tackle. Tangible, actionable solutions are already taking shape.”

Areas of focus are to include inspiring and preparing students to succeed in the public workforce and helping them navigate public sector hiring; applying academic knowledge to government management problems; and developing long-term research relationships between agencies and universities.

Registration and other information is at volckeralliance.org.