Federal Manager's Daily Report

The National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations continues to work on how to measure the impact of its initiatives including labor-management forums and more involvement of employee organizations in certain agency decisions in advance, according to the Federal Managers Association, a member of the council.

FMA said that in its initial meeting of 2016, council members “members brought up the fact that they often face a problem connecting metrics and improvements. The concern lies with that not enough federal employees are questioned about pre-decisional involvement, skewing the metrics.


“In order to combat this problem, the council will examine how to better disseminate the value of pre-decisional involvement and how federal employees can share their personal experiences. by having a better pool of data, the council will gain a better understanding of how pre-decisional involvement is used across the government,” it said.

Council members also said that better communication between labor and management is needed for agencies to overcome barriers to successful changes in the workplace on issues such as space, performance, processes, technology, and supplies, FMA said.