Federal Manager's Daily Report

An IG report has said that the VA’s lack of controls to assure that contractor employees are surrendering personal identity verification cards giving them access to facilities who leave their jobs as required “poses risks to veterans, visitors, VA staff, and contractors.”

“Specifically, it creates physical vulnerabilities by allowing unauthorized individuals access to facilities, and opportunities for individuals to compromise veterans’ personal data, increasing risks for identity theft for personal profit and medical identity theft to access treatment, medications, or other gains,” it said.


It said that the VA procurement manual requires the contracting officer to obtain a contractor-provided list of all contractor employees who were issued PIV cards and ensure all PIV cards were returned. However, in a review of 46 randomly sampled service and healthcare resource contracts, none “had adequate evidence to demonstrate” that cards were returned as required, with missing or incomplete information in each.

It said the main causes were lack of awareness of the distinct roles and responsibilities among contracting staff and inadequate supervisory oversight and monitoring of contracting officers. “In addition, VHA lacked adequate tracking systems and clarity around ensuring PIV cards were returned when no longer needed or when employment or contracts were terminated,” it said.

However, the VA agreed with only several of the IG’s 10 recommendations and the IG in turn called that “not responsive.”

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