Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Trump administration has issued the government’s latest biennial Open Government National Action Plan, continuing the themes from past plans of “ensuring that federal government data is more accessible, the grant-making process is more accountable, and federally funded scientific research is more accessible, among a number of other commitments.”

Many of the themes in the new fourth version of the plan are continuations of the first three and some reflect open government initiatives of the President’s Management Agenda.

These include publishing a comprehensive data strategy “based upon the principles of ethical governance, transparency, conscious design, and continuous improvement” addressing issues such as protection of personally identifiable information and expansion of data as a management tool.

Among other elements are: improving the transparency of the federal grant-making process through steps including creating a central repository for common government-wide certifications and representations required of grant recipients; increasing public access to federally-funded research results; appointing a chief data officer at each agency to be responsible for data management, governance, collection, analysis, protection, use, and dissemination; and using open data to fuel improvements in public health.