Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of Personnel Management has scheduled a program

for Feb 23 – Feb 27 for high-performing career specialists,


team leaders, and recently appointed managers in the

earliest stages of their positions. Given at the Eastern

Management Development Center, “Leadership Assessment

Program, Planning for Leadership Excellence,” is an

intensive, five-day program in which students create

personality/temperament profiles based on self-assessment,

complete a case study analysis and participate in various

problem-solving activities. Multi-rater feedback (360-degree

feedback) and feedback from assessment professionals,

combined with opportunities for self-observation (via

videotaped sessions), gives participants a better

understanding of themselves and how they appear to others.

These activities are set in the context of a broad range

of leadership competencies. The $4,450 fee includes meals,

lodging, tuition and course materials. Space is limited so

call for availability: 1-304-870-8008, or learn more and

register at