Federal Manager's Daily Report

Image: David Tran Photo/Shutterstock.com

The Biden administration has released a “vision” document for its President’s Management Agenda, reflecting some familiar themes from the agendas of prior administrations along with priorities previously stated by the current administration.

The agenda, which is to be fleshed out in the months ahead, sets three main priorities, which its words are:


• ensuring that the federal workforce is strong, empowered, and well equipped to effectively deliver for the public;

• improve the experience of those government serves—all of the people, families, businesses, organizations, and communities across America, especially those communities that have been historically underserved by government—when they use government service; and

• foster lasting improvements in how the federal government buys products and services to strengthen domestic manufacturing, support America’s workers, create and sustain good-quality union jobs, lead by example toward sustainable climate solutions, and create opportunities for underserved communities.

Those are to be carried out through mechanisms familiar from prior management agendas, including setting priority goals by agencies individually and across agencies; an emphasis on collecting and using data; breaking down programmatic silos that hamper the spread of information within and among agencies; and measuring and publicly reporting regularly on progress.

In a reflection of the current administration’s policies, it also includes an emphasis on “advancing equity as a core part of government management and decision-making processes”; pursuing “sustainable climate solutions”; and creating “opportunities for underserved communities.”

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