Federal Manager's Daily Report

The administration’s latest report on implementation of the President’s Management Agenda highlights several completed or ongoing pilot projects in the federal personnel management area as candidates for wider application, while also laying out several new goals.

It said for example that following a pilot project at HHS testing greater use of subject matter experts in the hiring process, OPM is working to scale up the concept, with some 20 agencies interested and at least five moving forward with it. In addition, OPM and U.S. Digital Services are partnering to run a government-wide test for hiring design strategists, with ten subject matter experts from six agencies set to participate.


OPM also is working to “coordinate reskilling academies and agency pilots to target gaps in mission critical and emerging skills areas and scale up reskilling options” and increase use of robotics process automation through a pilot program “to prepare federal employees to use automation to redesign approaches to work.”

New milestones included in the latest implementation plan include: “lead the federal enterprise towards a shared approach to career pathing by developing a shared platform and data standard for career paths and learning competencies”; and “launch an agility training pilot for federal leaders on the use of dynamic management approaches ready to keep pace with the speed of change and meet mission requirements in a complex operating environment.”

Other recent steps highlighted in the report include:

* OPM’s hosting of a series of webinars on how to align Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey data to organizational outcomes, communicate FEVS results to leadership, and conduct practical long-term action planning, with more to come.

* OPM’s issuance of guidance on streamlining and updating agency performance management and dismissal policies and procedures.

* The Interior Department’s launch of its My DoI Career site “to enable users to understand career progression opportunities within and across career paths, giving them a sense of what skills they would need to acquire in order to advance their career, and allowing them to access the data more readily.”

Federal Manager’s Handbook, 5th Ed.